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'I wish I knew what I'm thinking?'

DEFINITION: n. A lost thought; v. To become distracted and lose track of what you were thinking.

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Created by: CharlieB

Pronunciation: re-memb-er

Sentence: Sophie racked her brains to try and recall the witty comeback she was about to make to her nemesis at work. Unfortunately, her thoughts had switched inconveniently to what she needed to get at the shops on the way home and could only rememberr something totally inadequate.

Etymology: remember (the act of memory) + err (to make a mistake) + er (an expression which indicates uncertainty)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: ir ret treev ab ilitee

Sentence: It happened again. Brianna had another irritrievability session. Her train of thought had become derailed again. It was like being an amnesiac in a soap opera. She could not remember anything from a second ago, nevermind longer. It all started when she began dating her co-star, Drew A. Blanc. He seemed to have no memory at all. Probably a good thing in Hollywood, but a bad thing for her...had they had their first kiss, gotten married, had a child? Who knew??? All that Brianna did know was that she would have to get back on the Ginko-Biloba again soon, or her career might be over! Whoulda thought????

Etymology: Irretrievable (impossible to recover or recoup or overcome) & Irritate (annoy;disturb, especially by minor irritations) & Ability (possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done).

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Created by: boomslang

Pronunciation: flab-u-luss

Sentence: you look flabulous today dear!



excellent! - boomslang, 2009-12-05: 19:11:00


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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: think - ho - el

Sentence: In trying to remember what she meant to tell her husband, Marnie encountered a thinkhole. She could not retrieve the thoughts that had been preoccupying her for the last day and a half. She felt like her mind was wandering the desert.

Etymology: think, sink, sinkhole


whipspeak I must thay, that's a thuper word! - whipspeak, 2009-12-04: 08:07:00

artr Love it! You got my vote! - artr, 2009-12-06: 06:53:00


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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: n. thot-bot-oh-mee

Sentence: During his presentation, Bob had an unscheduled thoughtbotomy; the slide was before him, yet he couldn't think of a single word to say.

Etymology: thought, lobotomy


yikes - just thought of a witty retort and then lost it - I gusess it was a verbothoughbotomy - Jabberwocky, 2007-05-21: 09:40:00

I also forgot how to spell guess - Jabberwocky, 2007-05-21: 09:41:00

I can sympathize - I suffer from spellth with alarming frequency lately. - purpleartichokes, 2007-05-21: 18:07:00


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Created by: mgood

Pronunciation: th-urp

Sentence: I hope I can recover the thurp I just endured!

Etymology: combined thought with burp!


I've had a thurp before myself. - texmom, 2007-05-23: 00:22:00


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Created by: newworldview

Pronunciation: sin-apt

Sentence: Their loud talking on the train synapped my idea for a new invention.

Etymology: synapse + kidnapped

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: am nee zhe ayk

Sentence: When stressed, Maggie became distracted and found herself with an amnesiache. When that old train of thought gets derailed, it's a pain in the caboose.

Etymology: Amnesia (partial or total loss of memory) & Ache (have a desire for something or someone who is not present)

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Created by: katytee


Sentence: "Sorry, had a bit of a baffling little psyskip there...what was I saying again?"

Etymology: psych (i.e stuff to do with the mind) + skip (like what a CD might do)

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Created by: Discoveria

Pronunciation: GAWN-sept

Sentence: Dexter was usually full of ideas, but his latest one rapidly turned into a gonecept when his manager suddenly asked Dexter to describe it.

Etymology: Gone (vanished) + concept (idea)


love it! - galwaywegian, 2012-09-14: 08:02:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-05-21: 01:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by ziggy41. Thank you ziggy41! ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-12-04: 00:02:00
Today's definition was suggested by ziggy41. Thank you ziggy41. ~ James