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'It's about my husband's new prescription? '

DEFINITION: n. An unintended consequence of medical or psychological therapy, especially if the therapy is supposed to make you feel "young again".

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Created by: 02browns




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Created by: bigbigjeff

Pronunciation: hypo-con-fusion-isim

Sentence: The husband suffered from severe hypoconfusionism after his wife of 45 years ran off with a 22 year old boy toy.

Etymology: Hypo for less than normal, confusionism for confusion

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Created by: Yaakova

Pronunciation: Pill-snap-er

Sentence: After three months on her prescription, Jill became aware of her pillsnapper: the urge to fingerpaint.

Etymology: pill + whippersnapper

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Created by: TheUrbanRabbit

Pronunciation: Vie-tal-uh-gin

Sentence: A strange feeling of vitaliagin swept over Jane as she came out of the hypnosis in the psychotherapist's office.

Etymology: "Vitality" and "again", also sounds like "Vital again"

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Created by: gemmgemms

Pronunciation: ey-ja-oo-p-sa

Sentence: The pills had a serious ageoops on his personality.

Etymology: age + oops:accident

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Created by: sosibo1

Pronunciation: p-S-aa-i-kid-ii-gra

Sentence: His new macho ways must have resulted in some kind of psykiddigra, he's been a changed man since consulting that suspicious doctor of his.

Etymology: Psychological + kid + viagra

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Created by: silveryaspen

Pronunciation: second-wild-hood

Sentence: "He's in his secondwildhood" the wife said to the doctor who was prescribing her husband's viagara.

Etymology: simply a play on the words second childhood ... to reflect how viagara makes it a second wildhood!

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Created by: inias

Pronunciation: senior-ection

Sentence: 77-year-old Bill tried to fight off the intense feeling of seniorection, caused by the enhancement pills, after he saw a beautiful woman go past him.

Etymology: senior + erection


Quite a suggestive word! - silveryaspen, 2008-01-01: 19:55:00


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: Tes- TOSS - uh - raj

Sentence: Normally a calm and reasoned senior citizen Barkley went on a stormy testosterage when he took the 'new youth' supplements he got thru the inernet.

Etymology: Testosterone + rampage


Great word ... compliments mine well ... Viagara produced a testosterage and put him in his secondwildhood. - silveryaspen, 2007-12-31: 11:03:00


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Created by: rebelvin

Pronunciation: re-JUV-in-spire

Sentence: I don't know if I can keep up with his being rejuvinspired by that medication, without something like it for me.

Etymology: rejuvinate+inspire

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zebrahdh - 2008-01-03: 19:10:00
Geriactive is spelled wrong in the example.