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'Do I look okay?'

DEFINITION: To require constant reassurance, praise, and -- in emergency situations -- flattery, despite obvious qualifications and/or expertise.

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Created by: MisUndrstd

Pronunciation: In-see-dare-ity

Sentence: Cousin Vinnie plead the fifth when Aunt Fortuna in her insedarity asked him if she looked fat in her purple taffeta party dress.

Etymology: Insecure+ Dare= Insedarity. To ask a question like "Do I look fat in this"? Daring the person to tell the truth.


^.^ - MarzBar, 2007-07-14: 15:40:00


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Created by: KristinA

Pronunciation: free-goed-ing

Sentence: He knew he had done a great job winning the account, but his constant freegoading was irritating to his colleagues.

Etymology: "freeloading" with "ego" getting in the way

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Created by: angel1615

Pronunciation: praise-eena

Sentence: plaese give me some praiseina i beg you.

Etymology: praise + ina [in her] = praiseina

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: crave-worthy

Sentence: Craveworthy Carla, was competent and cute, but suffered from an inferiority complex.

Etymology: crave + praiseworthy


If only it had been an infertility complex instead. Good one! - Kyoti, 2007-07-13: 15:11:00


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Created by: puttputt

Pronunciation: un-kon-fid-int

Sentence: The girl was very unconfident with herself she was always hiding her true beauty.

Etymology: to require constant reassurance,praise, and in emergency situations


not quite sure of something. - puttputt, 2007-07-14: 22:22:00

not quite sure of something. - puttputt, 2007-07-14: 22:22:00


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Created by: mysti

Pronunciation: An-iz-iz-tick

Sentence: She is so annisistic.


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Created by: r0b0tj0n3z

Pronunciation: attention ettik

Sentence: Her attentionetic needs are her biggest flaw

Etymology: attention, diabetic

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: kon-feh-dunss

Sentence: Despite being highly qualified, Sue was a confidunce. She was last heard asking the mailroom clerk if he thought her hair color clashed with her title.

Etymology: confidence, dunce


funny - Jabberwocky, 2007-07-13: 14:11:00

If we combine confidunce with remadonna, we get Madonna wearing two dunce caps on her upper torso. - Kyoti, 2007-07-13: 16:26:00


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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: vack-yoom-plee-ment

Sentence: his endless vaccuumplimenting was driving me crazy

Etymology: vaccuum, compliment


He sounds like a real sucker - Jabberwocky, 2007-07-13: 09:42:00


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Created by: Firrehawk99

Pronunciation: Need-uh-men-tie-of

Sentence: That Girl is just "Needimentive"

Etymology: Needy

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solution4tax - 2007-07-15: 05:35:00
The words formed are quite good and appreciate every body's attempt whether praisaniac or not.