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'That's my pork chop Buster! Give it back!'

DEFINITION: To never give up, to never let go of your dream, especially when others try to take it away from you.

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Created by: Phunky

Pronunciation: asp-iv-EAR-ance (british english)

Sentence: Her unwavering aspiverance turned her naive childhood pork-chop-stealing dream into a reality.

Etymology: Portmanteau of aspiration and perseverance. noun: aspiverance. verb: to aspivere. Amusing alternative configuration: perspiration

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Created by: paintergrl1313

Pronunciation: tug-oh-dreem

Sentence: A game of tugodream usually occurred when Susan's mother told her she couldn't possibly achieve her dream of winning in a hot dog eating contest.

Etymology: like tug-o-war

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Created by: Korinne

Pronunciation: ten/a/si/dreem

Sentence: The tenacidreams of potential singing "Idol" show contestants make for good television.

Etymology: Tenacity + Dream

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: Per - sis - tuh - NAY - shuss

Sentence: Despite ongoing efforts by friends and family to dissuade her from persuing her goals, Wilhelmena was persistenatious in sticking to her dreams

Etymology: A play on the words persistent and tenacious

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: hog/sess/ive

Sentence: She had such a hogsessive personality, that once she made a decision, no one challenged her.

Etymology: hog + obsessive

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Created by: blurmore

Pronunciation: Ten-ass-eh-fare-ah-sitee

Sentence: Her tenaciferocity in grasping the bride's bouquet was enhanced by the open bar.

Etymology: Tenacious + Ferocious

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Created by: gemmgemms

Pronunciation: per-sir-ney-she-ous

Sentence: He was the most persernacious dog I'd ever seen. When he wanted something he made it known.

Etymology: perservere+tenacious

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /fawr-ist-guhmp'-shun/

Sentence: Despite his short stature, Maurice had dreamed of being a professional basketball player since he'd watched his first game on television, and finally, after ignoring the taunts and derision of his peers for most of his life, through sheer Forrestgumption and countless hours of practice, he made his dream come true.

Etymology: Forrest Gump - a mentally-challenged character from the movie and novel of the same name, whose unflagging optimism and determination take him far in life; an inspirational icon since the sucess of the movie + gumption - boldness of enterprise, courage an


just lol! - Dougalistic, 2008-01-02: 05:14:00

Korinne This is awesome! - Korinne, 2008-01-02: 13:41:00

It is interesting and strange that that "gump" in my dictionary is housed next to gumption, its exact opposite. Nice word! - OZZIEBOB, 2008-01-02: 16:31:00

Good one! Off the wall and different and I like it a lot!! Something about winning for the ol' Gumper and the trees and a forest!!! - Stevenson0, 2008-01-02: 20:58:00

BRILLIANT - direwookiee, 2008-01-02: 21:35:00

great movie ... great word ... great creation! - silveryaspen, 2008-01-03: 15:35:00


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Created by: silveryaspen

Pronunciation: zest-an-a-shuss

Sentence: Despite negative comments and occasional setbacks, Calamity Jane was zestanacious about being a rootin', tootin' sure shot.

Etymology: A combo of zest, zeal, and tenacious ... everything it takes to make hopes and dreams come true.


Great word! - OZZIEBOB, 2008-01-02: 16:14:00

Excellent! - Mustang, 2008-01-02: 19:01:00


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Created by: Zaeyde

Pronunciation: Pul-se-veer

Sentence: They tried to take away my dream of becoming a professional hot dog tester, but I pullsevered, and look at me now!

Etymology: Persevere, combined with "pull."

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OZZIEBOB - 2008-01-02: 16:14:00
Great word!