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'I can open this thing!'

DEFINITION: v., To strain with all your might in a desperate effort to open a sealed container, such as a jar of pickles. n., A small jar which cannot be opened.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: krok o dyal

Sentence: When she met him , he told her he was from Australia and wrangled crocdiles for a living and was known as Crocodile Dundee. But when he had great trouble opening the jar of marmite, she knew he was actually Crockodile Dumdee.

Etymology: Crock (a jar, often earthenware;load of nonsense, foolish talk) and Crocodile (large voracious aquatic reptile;similar to an alligator)

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Created by: hooterbug

Pronunciation: mō-ˈ\jär\

Sentence: "Give it up already Stanley! Stop trying to Mojar the lid off of the pickles,cuz you're gonna give yourself a hemorrhoid!"

Etymology: Mojo (works his mojo on the tennis court ) + Jar


funny sentence - Jabberwocky, 2008-09-26: 15:02:00


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Created by: NeuroGlyph




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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: dil fik ultee

Sentence: Who knew getting Herb to open a jar of pickles could end up being such a dillficulty? His caper started when Madge asked him to turn the lid. He used such force that he broke off the top and the contents landed on the floor. He turned something that should be dillicious into something dillsastrous.

Etymology: Dill (pickle preserved in brine or vinegar flavored with dill seed)& Difficulty (a factor causing trouble in achieving a positive result or tending to produce a negative result)

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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: krey-nee-spreyn

Sentence: Was it worth the cranisprain and biting off his own tongue to get at those tasty pickles? The irony!

Etymology: cranial + sprain

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: twist/tort

Sentence: Johnny when opening a tight lid on a ketchup bottle is able to twistort his whole body, especially his face, to help him open the bottle.

Etymology: twist + distort

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Created by: gcolton




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Created by: November


Sentence: He could just as well stop trying to twist and shout, this was one of those definite ajarafar's.

Etymology: (the obvious a Jar) Ajar adv. & adj. Partially opened: left the door ajar. + A far adj., farther or further, farthest or furthest. Being at considerable distance; remote: a far country. Going back a considerable extent in time: the far past. More distant than another: the far corner. Extensive or lengthy: a far trek.


or Ajarafarce Where the ending is also the word *farce • noun 1 a comic dramatic work or genre using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including ludicrously improbable situations. 2 an absurd event. - November, 2008-09-30: 08:43:00

metrohumanx Wow. - metrohumanx, 2008-09-30: 14:36:00


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Created by: kimbo123

Pronunciation: strain-jury

Sentence: He developed a strainjary trying to open the jar.


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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: Mawtch-o-lim-in-ayshun

Sentence: Failing to open the jar after four attempts Delbert suffered a bout of depressing macholimination.

Etymology: Macho + elimination

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-10-30: 04:21:00
Today's definition was suggested by Clayton. Thank you Clayton! ~ James'

petaj petaj - 2007-10-30: 09:11:00
That guy in the cartoon ought to have some droolpickles with all that effort.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-10-30: 11:38:00
Hey Petaj, Good idea! I have added some Pavlovian droolpickles. (You may need to reload to see the updated image.) ~ James

Kevcom - 2007-10-30: 15:39:00
Print it out! Print it out! Soooo Good just like the last!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-10-31: 00:56:00
Thanks Kevcom! ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-10-31: 01:21:00
VERBOTOMY BLOG PARTY: November 1, 2007 is Verbotomy's first birthday! We are having a Blog Party to celebrate. Everybody is invited to the Verbotomy Blog to chat. All comments will be published as soon as you post them, so bring your favorite words and definitions and we'll chat. Go to Talk to you then! ~ James

petaj petaj - 2007-10-31: 04:20:00
The droolpickles look great. He must have been salivating in anticipation.

November - 2008-09-30: 07:53:00
or Ajarafarce Where the ending is also the word *farce • noun 1 a comic dramatic work or genre using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including ludicrously improbable situations. 2 an absurd event.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-02-25: 00:02:00
Today's definition was suggested by Clayton. Thank you Clayton. ~ James