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'What are you doing to the lawnmower?'

DEFINITION: n. The strong feelings of devotion and affection which a person feels towards their favorite mechanical device or appliance, such as a car, boat, power tool, or toilet. v. To lavish a machine with affection, attention and an imagined personality.

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Created by: LoftyDreamer

Pronunciation: muh-sho'-vin-izm

Sentence: Congolia hesitated only a moment before grabbing her Cuisinart and running from the fire, glancing somewhat wistfully at the family photo albums as she dodged the flames.

Etymology: part of machine (a device that performs work) + chauvinism (extreme favoritism or love for a thought or idea)

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Created by: kateinkorea

Pronunciation: THING ah ma THROB

Sentence: When you moved "Lucy" into the house I didn't complain, and when you took the door off so you could see her from the dining room while we ate, but your thingamathrob is not coming on our holiday with us. She...I mean a lawnmower!

Etymology: THINGAMABOB:thing and HEART THROB: love


nice - Jabberwocky, 2009-01-19: 15:43:00


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Created by: stache

Pronunciation: mō'tər-rŏt'ĭ-sĭz'əm

Sentence: He was attracted, and she knew it. He telegraphed his arousal with every breath. But she played it cool; he might as well not have existed, as far as she was concerned. Of course, that made her all the more desirable. She stood there, in all her gleaming glory, and idled, her vortec V-6 rumbling, her flanks gleaming, her two-speed transfer case and four-wheel-drive tranny lying idle. "A hundred thirty k's quite a few miles," he muttered, trying to disguise the motoroticism reeking from his pores, then offered twelve hundred fifty for the '92 S10 Blazer.

Etymology: moto, middle Norse, "diminuative snapshot structure;" rot, bef. 900; (v.) ME rot(t)en, OE rotian, c. Fris rotsje, D rotten; (n.) ME, perh. < ON rot (perh. partly deriv. of the v.), "aroma of that which eminates from Denmark;" I, the nominative singular pronoun; cism, derivative of 'sizzle,' from early N. V. Peale, that which is sold in lieu of, and is percieved as preferrable to, the steak.


I knew there was something going on with that freakin' truck. Don't forget . . . it's gonna be MINE. - doseydotes, 2008-03-27: 09:07:00

great word - Jabberwocky, 2008-03-27: 11:52:00

I like it too! - purpleartichokes, 2008-03-27: 15:11:00

Excellent!! - Mustang, 2008-03-27: 18:46:00

Excellent. - OZZIEBOB, 2008-03-28: 17:30:00


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Created by: Niktionary

Pronunciation: pur-sahn-i-fate

Sentence: Rick personifates his new computer: he sent out birth announcements

Etymology: personify+hallucinate

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Created by: Aardvark

Pronunciation: per SONE i fair

Sentence: Bob spent so much time in the garage his family started to wonder what he was up to. One night, when he missed his favourite dinner, Sally went out to see what he was doing. She found Bob gently polishing his boat motor, whispering to it in a way that he used do only with her. Yes, her worst fears were confirmed. Bob was definitely having a personiffair.

Etymology: Personi (from Personify - to give human qualities to objects) ffair (from affair - a secret, romantic encounter)

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Created by: karenanne

Pronunciation: MEK uhn ize

Sentence: "I only have mechaneyes for you," Carson crooned softly, as he stroked the side of his '78 Buick Century. "Those sleek new snazzy cars have nothing on you. They have but a shadow of your beauty and grace." His car was like an old friend to him. When people asked if he was getting a new car anytime soon, he would snap, "Would you trade in a friend of 32 years for someone you had just met?" Behind his back, people would say that if they had a friend of 32 years that smelled as bad as Carson's car did, they probably WOULD get rid of that friend.

Etymology: mechanize + eyes

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Created by: cosmonaut

Pronunciation: grees-chee-al-i-tee

Sentence: "I don't see why it is wrong, I just love my car?!" "Greastiality is an abomination before God!"

Etymology: A forced blend of the words grease and bestiality.


GlobalGallery Hehe. It's an actual fetish. There are guys who hump their tailpipes. A bit of grease would do wonders & maybe a foil condom to avoid GTSTD's - GlobalGallery, 2009-01-19: 05:14:00

heehee! - galwaywegian, 2009-01-19: 10:10:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: ôtəmōrätik

Sentence: Andrew doesn’t just like his new car. He is crazy about it. He feelings are absolutely automorotic. He spends much of his time and most of his income on Sally, his Mustang. Last week he bought her fender skirts. He is beside himself anticipating the installation of her leather bra scheduled for this weekend.

Etymology: automobile (a road vehicle, typically with four wheels) + moron (a stupid person) + autoerotic (of or relating to sexual excitement generated by stimulating or fantasizing about one’s own body)

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: aw/toe/dol/uh/tree

Sentence: Jason spent every Saturday and Sunday cleaning, vacuuming, washing, waxing and detailing every square inch of his Alfa Romeo sports car, a car at the cutting edge of design and technology, which he truly, madly and deeply loved. Jason's wife called it out and out autodolarty.

Etymology: AUTODOLATRY - noun from AUTO (automobile) + IDOLATRY (worship of idols; excessive, or blind adoration)


metrohumanx Someone just crashed into my 75 Alfetta sedan. She's-a-no more. - metrohumanx, 2009-01-19: 15:55:00

Clever! - silveryaspen, 2009-01-19: 18:45:00

Good one! - Mustang, 2009-01-19: 22:19:00

terrific - OZZIEBOB, 2009-01-20: 04:22:00


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Created by: Banky

Pronunciation: in-ANN-ah-morr-us

Sentence: The vibration of the unbalanced washer shook the ceiling pot rack, the pans on it sounding a cacophony of distant gongs. Roger sighed, and picked up the evening paper, turning on the dim orange sodium light of the old table lamp next to him. Shortly after the shaking stopped, he heard feet hit the floor. Marjorie emerged from the stairs looking flushed, carrying an empty hamper. "You know," Roger started slowly, not looking up from the paper, "we could get a new machine since that one is so far out of balance?" Her face fell. "Oh, we don't need to spend that kind of money right now. Besides, this one does a fabulous job with my delicates." She paled when she realized her innuendo, and the paper folded down to reveal a stone-faced Roger, locking her in a stare. His steeled eyes revealed his knowledge of her inanimorus affair with the Maytag 7800 front loader. The weight of 34 years of marriage dimmed the light in the already dark wood-paneled room. Scattered cords of light dodged around the edges of the curtains, revealing how dusty the room was. She tracked a small piece of lint suspended in a ray between them as it drifted on thermals and drafts, in and out of the beam of light, to avoid his gaze. Eyes refocused as Roger slowly lifted his paper back to reading level. Marjorie saw the harsh outline of his eyes soften and the glint of a tear just before they were once again replaced with headlines proclaiming the latest tournament Cinderella. She filled and put the kettle on the stove, and left the room.

Etymology: inanimate + amorous


melancholy and moving sentence, banky. and still pretty funny. - stache, 2008-03-27: 19:11:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-03-27: 00:01:00
Today's definition was suggested by silveryaspen. Thank you silveryaspen. ~ James

stache - 2008-03-27: 01:25:00
Have these always been called "verboticisms?"

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2008-03-28: 06:00:00
Yes that's the word we use to describe our invented words. Of course you can also use "neologism". And I think we should create a subcategory for invented words with sexual undertones like your winning word today. It would be "verberoticisms". ~ James

metrohumanx metrohumanx - 2009-01-19: 01:52:00
Domenic- go frisk 'em.

galwaywegian - 2009-01-19: 10:08:00
very high standard today :D

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-06-03: 00:09:00
Today's definition was suggested by silveryaspen. Thank you silveryaspen. ~ James

gendiamJent - 2018-06-03: 14:27:00
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