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'I'll drop him at the vets'

DEFINITION: n. A conclusion or an assumption developed after careful listening to, and analysis of one-half of a telephone conversation. v. To listen to one-half of a telephone conversation.

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Created by: ubgrud

Pronunciation: ov-er-less-on

Sentence: "It's just so matted," she said, stroking the carpet with her foot. "She hates my hair," I overlessoned.

Etymology: overlisten, lesson

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Created by: chris

Pronunciation: foe-nee-call

Sentence: Roger was an inveterate eavesdropper, but the number of phoneycalls that that had led him to make was legendary

Etymology: Phone + phoney (inaccurate)+ call (double meaning, as in phonecall and 'judgement', as in 'your call')

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Created by: nonpossumus




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Created by: Javeson1

Pronunciation: eerz-drah-ping

Sentence: Dave: "Did I just hear you say to Erica you're going to the Dane Cook show?" Sam: "Were you earsdropping??"

Etymology: Evesdropping + ears, because you do it with ur ears (on the phone) not from the eves....

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Created by: Marharyta

Pronunciation: The stress is on the first syllable. The last one is not accentuated, but, ob the contrary, is rather blured, for this word is mostly used by extremely busy people of the so-called A personality type (like myself).

Sentence: - What was the last consultation like& - OK. I could semiphel the usual seasonal depression. Of course, I did give him the necessary support through the secind part of the call, but it was more of the same, really. - I wish you did bot rely on your usual semiphels too much, but were attentive during the whole conversation. Perhaps there were unnoticed suicidal tendencies! - Oh no, he told me he was used to phone consultations during what he named ' his autumn spleens'...

Etymology: The first part of the word is a usual and obvious sem-- meaning half in many other words. As for the second part of the word, it combines tele- and -phone. This combination is used for the sake of brevity, but was developed quite naturally by people who, when in a hurry, would come up with 'word versions' like pheletone. The Freudian interpretation is being examined...


I wonder if the conversation can be counted as a sebtence. But I wanted to exemplify both meanings of the word. - Marharyta, 2009-08-22: 06:08:00


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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: sell/ah/no/mah

Sentence: His advanced stage of cellaknowma, worsened by listening exclusively to one-sided conversations meant that he always jumped to the wrong conclusion - which was very dangerous on the subway

Etymology: cell + Know + melanoma

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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: ring-fer-ents

Sentence: Her ringference that Bob was planning a holiday to Peru was all wrong. He was actually dumping her for her ex-best-friend, Prue.

Etymology: ring (call on the telephone) + infer (conclude)


great words petaj - Jabberwocky, 2007-01-18: 10:54:00

petaj Tanks mulchy er.. thanks muchly. - petaj, 2007-01-21: 03:19:00


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Created by: galwaywegian




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Created by: kyotonils


Sentence: He caveclutched that I was talking to Jen about our relationship when I was actually updating her about my sick hamster.

Etymology: Reaching haphazardly for understanding in a poorly-lit cave.

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Created by: greengoddess

Pronunciation: sk ooo dge



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pratyushprasan - 2007-01-18: 21:26:00

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-01-18: 21:27:00
Thanks! ~ James

mrskellyscl mrskellyscl - 2009-08-21: 07:18:00
Sending a hamster for a ride at the Wild Water Kingdom? Pretty extreme, don't you think? Bugs and goldfish, maybe....

jrogan - 2009-08-21: 08:19:00
Yes, it is cruel. And it would certainly be a good idea to flush twice. Especially is she's going to do the boyfriend too.

Krishna - 2009-08-25: 02:35:00
Just started