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'I'll drop him at the vets'

DEFINITION: n. A conclusion or an assumption developed after careful listening to, and analysis of one-half of a telephone conversation. v. To listen to one-half of a telephone conversation.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: dy al log

Sentence: Eddie knew by the diallog that his wife Pat was having on the phone that they had already been selected for a free Bahamas cruise. Okay, all they had to do was pay for their airfare and expenses to fly from home to Miami and they would be liable for their hotel room and all other costs, but they had won a free trip!! I mean, how often could that happen???

Etymology: Dial (what used to be on telephones) & log (a record of messages sent or received), Wordplay on Dialogue (a conversation between two persons)

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: miss-call-cue-lay-shun

Sentence: he burst out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a christmas hat only to find her whole family in the room sipping warm cocoa....obviously he'd made a massive miscallculation

Etymology: call, miscalculation


This part is just perfect for Hugh Grant ... lovely! - egonschiela, 2007-01-18: 10:36:00


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Created by: PolishedAmethyst


Sentence: Jake made an eavesduction while his wife was talking to his sister in the kitchen. He immediately started making plans around what he thought was his own surprise party.

Etymology: Eavesdrop, deduction


This is my very first entry, so please go easy on me...thanks. :) - PolishedAmethyst, 2007-01-18: 00:56:00

A clever one! - wordmeister, 2007-01-18: 01:04:00

Thank you! You made my day. :) - PolishedAmethyst, 2007-01-18: 01:24:00

Good one, I voted for it. - kyotonils, 2007-01-18: 02:39:00

Most excellent ... well done. - egonschiela, 2007-01-18: 10:34:00

Thank you kyotonils and egonschiela :) - PolishedAmethyst, 2007-01-21: 03:23:00


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Created by: riflesandkids74

Pronunciation: cahn-floo-shun

Sentence: "If you would really listen to me, we could easily avoid such conflusion."

Etymology: confuse + conclusion

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Created by: pratyushprasan





derived from semiotics - pratyushprasan, 2007-01-18: 21:29:00


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Created by: kyotonils


Sentence: He caveclutched that I was talking to Jen about our relationship when I was actually updating her about my sick hamster.

Etymology: Reaching haphazardly for understanding in a poorly-lit cave.

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Created by: MrBlack

Pronunciation: Tel-e-vok-si-play-shun

Sentence: We cater to most of the casual spy arts here; windowatching, earwalling, and televoxiplation


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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: con-ver-play-shon

Sentence: Ray's imagination and contemplation mixed with Renna's conversation and became a converplation when he failed to get a clarification of her predication, so he developed a fabrication about elimination when the conversation was a merely a preindication of the eradication of his hamster, Jay.

Etymology: conversation: informal dialogue or discussion + contemplation: cogitation, consideration, deliberation or rumination (don'tcha just love dictionaries?)


Excellent rodentation! - Nosila, 2009-08-21: 12:35:00


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Created by: Mirandala

Pronunciation: oh-ver-hee'-re-see

Sentence: When Jack secretly listened to Sharon's phone call and concluded that she was having an affair, but that was just overhearesy.

Etymology: overheard + heresy


Well, I would have prefered overheresay, but I always prefer old english pronounciations =) You get a point anyway, it's a cool word! - allwise, 2007-01-18: 03:45:00

Well, I would have prefered overheresay, but I always prefer old english pronounciations =) You get a point anyway, it's a cool word! - allwise, 2007-01-18: 03:46:00


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Created by: whimsy


Sentence: Grievesdropping on his girlfriend's conversation only made him more paranoid than he already was.

Etymology: grieve + eavesdrop

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pratyushprasan - 2007-01-18: 21:26:00

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-01-18: 21:27:00
Thanks! ~ James

mrskellyscl mrskellyscl - 2009-08-21: 07:18:00
Sending a hamster for a ride at the Wild Water Kingdom? Pretty extreme, don't you think? Bugs and goldfish, maybe....

jrogan - 2009-08-21: 08:19:00
Yes, it is cruel. And it would certainly be a good idea to flush twice. Especially is she's going to do the boyfriend too.

Krishna - 2009-08-25: 02:35:00
Just started