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'Oh no!'

DEFINITION: That sad feeling you get when you open the pizza box, and there's nothing left but grease stains.

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Created by: alecstevenson

Pronunciation: Zaw-grin

Sentence: To my zagrin, the was no slice left.

Etymology: pizza + chagrin


zagrin - brilliant, you could also spell it 'Zagrin - deadpanwalking, 2006-11-10: 14:11:00


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Created by: jrogan

Pronunciation: pezz-sad

Sentence: I get hungry and sad at the same time so pizzad is very bad

Etymology: pizza + sad

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Created by: bjorn

Pronunciation: "peets-doff"

Sentence: Expecting to find half of last night's white slice pie remaining, opening the Carmine's box to find it empty made me really pizzedoff.

Etymology: pizza + pissed off

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Created by: queeny

Pronunciation: de- pizzer-ized

Sentence: I'm hung over,my place is a mess and I have been depizzerized. I'm going back to bed.


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Created by: OldEnglish



Etymology: disappointment relating to pizza

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Created by: quippingqueen

Pronunciation: "peeza/messto": just as it sounds

Sentence: He longed for some relief from his pangs of "pizzamessto" not to mention his angst about the tomato stains on his new T-shirt.

Etymology: "pizzamessto": 1935, from It. "pizza", originally from a cake, tart or pie of uncertain origin that leaves an oily residue akin to a "mess" on a plate or cardboard box after having been consumed by a glee-challenged, gluttonous person

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: oil of oy vey

Sentence: He experienced oilofoyvey when he discovered an empty pizza box


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Created by: r0b0tj0n3z

Pronunciation: pizz agony

Sentence: Mark was filled with pizzagony as he opened the pizza box, to find his roommates had eaten it all.

Etymology: pizza, agony

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