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'I can't eat any more.'

DEFINITION: To leave food on your plate, not for the starving children in the world, but so you don't get fat.

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Created by: Jabberwocky


Sentence: Because of her skeletosis, she felt if she had one more bite her beautiful bones might not show to their advantage


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Created by: chris

Pronunciation: slim-hib-ish-un

Sentence: Torn between her love of food and her desire to stay a size 6, Vanessa practised slimhibition whenever she ate out

Etymology: slim + inhibition

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Created by: bjorn

Pronunciation: con-day-NOSH

Sentence: Now that she lived in the Big City and was working (albeit, for the time being, unpaid) for a Big Magazine, Abigail was always careful to nonchalantly condenosh her meals out so as not to look like a total pig - or the frugally raised Midwesterner she was

Etymology: Condé Nast (publisher of various magazines including Vogue and Allure) + nosh

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Created by: alecstevenson

Pronunciation: waist-waste


Etymology: waist + waste


waste of time - timmy, 2006-11-20: 17:32:00


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Created by: deadpanwalking

Pronunciation: LEEV-kwa-zine

Sentence: I suspected she was on another starvation diet when I noticed after dinner that her plate was full of leavecuisine.

Etymology: Lean Cuisine + Leave

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Created by: courtney0916




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Created by: queeny

Pronunciation: food e fo bic

Sentence: You won't find any foodiephobics in Africa. They like a little junk in the trunk! Yee haw!


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Created by: quippingqueen

Pronunciation: car/bo/cut/er

Sentence: The "carbocutter" had to admit that after losing 200 lbs. in just four weeks, the postman rang three times, the paramedic twice, and the putz from next door, only once.

Etymology: "carbohydrates": synonymous with jumbo seats in airplanes, plus-size pyjamas, and strapless sneakers + "Cutter": associated with the swift separation of something that may result in an untimely end.

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- 2006-11-14: 06:11:00
Good one Chris! "Torn between her love of food and her desire to stay a size 6, Vanessa practised slimhibition whenever she ate out."

Jabberwocky - 2006-11-14: 09:11:00
I love nomopotato - it looks just like what she might be saying

queeny - 2006-11-17: 14:11:00
Nomopotato identify yourself, excellent word!!!!. I loved LOVED nomo. and Mother is right, it looks like what she would be saying.