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'Yeah, I do have a lot of online friends.'

DEFINITION: v. To be so immersed in a virtual world that you forget about your responsibilities to the physical world -- like your job, your family, or even feeding and washing yourself. n. A person who lives exclusively in their imagination.

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Created by: CharlieB

Pronunciation: pre-tend-em-ick

Sentence: Jane's neglect of personal hygeine, nutrition and fresh air in favour of instant messaging her online buddies was a clear sign that she'd succumbed to the virtual reality pretendemic.

Etymology: pretend (make believe) & endemic (a disease characteristic of certain places or people)


Good word! - Nosila, 2011-04-13: 18:56:00


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Created by: zrotv

Pronunciation: net - rek -d

Sentence: I had a lot of stuff to do this weekend, but then I started reading wikipedia and got totally netwrecked.

Etymology: network + wrecked

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /tek-NEG-li-juhnt/

Sentence: Ralph's character in World of Warcraft was awesome — with some of the best armor and weapons available. But Ralph was technegligent IRL. He hadn't shaved or bathed in 4 or 5 days, and he'd barely slept in the last week. He'd called in sick at work twice, but after that he hadn't even bothered, and they'd finally stopped calling to leave him messages. He seemed to recall a girl he'd been dating, but she'd stopped calling, too... Anyway, his character rocked! That's what was important, wasn't it?

Etymology: Technology - electronic or digital products and systems (from Greek, tekhnologia "science of the mechanical and industrial arts") + negligent - failing in what duty requires; derelict or delinquent (from Latin, neglegere "to make light of, disregard")

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: del loo shun al

Sentence: Fern was obsessed with being online 24/7. She never went outside nor did traditional social meets. All her relationships and schooling were online, not based in reality. In fact she had become very dellusional of late and only a major power cut would bring her back to reality!

Etymology: Dell (Computer company founded by Michael Dell in 1984) & Delusional (suffering from or characterized by delusions)

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Created by: gregoryba

Pronunciation: dis-ee-chanted

Sentence: i've become disechanted with the real world, time to immerse myself in irc.

Etymology: i dunno, i just made it up

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Created by: pinwheel

Pronunciation: gone/line

Sentence: James realized that he was going to have to wash his own socks because Judy was gonline again.

Etymology: gone (as in not here) + on-line


Very good! Says it without a definition. - purpleartichokes, 2007-05-08: 04:38:00

like it - galwaywegian, 2007-05-08: 05:17:00

petaj Why couldn't he wash them anyway. No wonder Judy was always online if she was the designated sock-washer. The grass is always #008000er on the cyber side. - petaj, 2007-05-08: 05:46:00

petaj Oh and great word by the way - petaj, 2007-05-08: 05:46:00

Ha, great word. Love the comment by Petaj. Made me laugh. - Jeaneai, 2007-05-08: 08:54:00


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Created by: TJayzz

Pronunciation: Slobb-a-tron-i-kay-ted

Sentence: Jerry had become so slobatronicated over the past few months spending so much time on his computer, playing games and contacting his online buddies, that he lost his job, all his real-life friends and his appearance resembled that of a tramp. The worst thing was, he was so engrossed in his cosy virtual world he had hardly noticed.

Etymology: Slob(behving in a slovenly manner) + electronic(relating to or carried out by means of a computer or other electronic device) = Slobatronicated

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: eee murst

Sentence: she became so Emmersed in her second life that she would have festered away altogether had her broadband coverage been anything as good as she was told it would be.

Etymology: immersed, e as in electronic

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /ɹiˌæləɡˈnɔːɹ/ /rE-'a-l&g-'nor/

Sentence: Those who realignore their physical lives need to realize that their corporeal bodies are a lot like virtual pets and require frequent attention; in many cases the problem becomes substance neglect.

Etymology: From reality + ignore


The most overlooked word of the day! Good one!! - Stevenson0, 2007-05-08: 21:21:00

Thanks. I like "substance neglect" better, but it's not a verb, and it's two words. - ErWenn, 2007-05-09: 00:26:00


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Created by: pifty

Pronunciation: vrtjualajfd

Sentence: being virtuallifed makes her forget about the real world.

Etymology: virtual + life

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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-05-08: 02:33:00
Today's definition was inspired by Cory Doctorow's short story "Anda's Game" which is published in Overclocked. It was also suggested by HubbMU.
Thank you Cory and HubbMU! ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-05-08: 09:53:00
Weeklink rants again and uncovers a few lost words from last week's verbacious verbuttle. Read: The Cup of Verbotomy, Part Deux.

HubbMU - 2007-05-08: 10:08:00
Thanks for using my definition!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-05-08: 10:31:00
Thank you HubbMu. It's a great definition. A lot of people can relate to it -- especially if they are gamers or bloggers. ~ James

purpleartichokes - 2007-05-08: 12:52:00
Great to see all the new Verbotomists!

metrohumanx metrohumanx - 2008-07-08: 16:04:00
ECLUSIONIST is pretty good.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-11-24: 00:34:00
Today's definition was suggested by doctorow. Thank you doctorow. ~ James

cybersloth - 2010-01-02: 06:40:00
I would like to rebut your comments on the definition of cybersloth seen here ( 'cybersloth' is methodical and accurate, knows what move to make but it may take time. Not the friend of the impatient. From a theological view point I feel that you are free to think what you will about any subject; however you must be careful because all actions have consequences. Luckily I am not easily offended. I believe that I am not the only cybersloth, I may be the only one that is spelt exclusively with all lower case. By the way, I don’t use social networking sites and spend more time working on local resources both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, if this does not make sense to you………. cybersloth. 02-01-2010