Verboticism: Trafficinterruptus


Created by: Mustang

Definition: n. A driver who ignores the rules of the road by driving very slowly (i.e. at the legal limit) in the fast lane. v. To strictly observe the "suggested" speed limits, even when using the fast lane.

Pronunciation: Traf - ik - in - tuh - RUHP - tuhs

Sentence: Irving once again found himself cursing the trafficinterruptus caused by two overly cautious drivers driving side by side taking up both lanes on the divided highway.

Etymology: Traffic and interruptus....latin for 'to interrupt'.

Points: 518

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hmmm. My original comment was something like a chuckle and a wink, wink, nod, nod. I guess you can't put "

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lol, I'm using the comments here to learn about how and what not to put in comments here. Now, James, it dawns on my why you had to reformat my poem earlier. Ha! This makes me think of a definition for later...